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Clearing Blocked Drains Stafford


Blocked drains typically occur when garden debris, fat, grease or objects which are not biodegradable are flushed down the drain, resulting in unpleasant smells, sewage leakages and slow moving water. If left untreated, the structure of the property can become unstable, with the damp soil inadvertently affecting the structural integrity of the foundations. To prevent this from happening, a professional team who is proficient in the art of unblocking blocked drains Stafford should be contacted, such as us here at John Reeves Waste Management.


One method which we have found to be incredibly effective in removing any blockages is our high pressure water jetting systems. As the name suggests, this highly effective piece of equipment uses water which is ejaculated at high pressures down the drain, and the force of the water blasts through the blockage, flushing any debris, grease, or fat away.


By calling in one of our experts you can rescue your drains without resorting to excavating your driveway. Instead, a CCTV camera specially designed for the job is placed down your drain; this identifies the problem quickly with minimum disruption, whilst removing the need to dig up your driveway.


As specialists in unclogging blocked drains, you will quickly discover that we have the skill, the expertise, the experience and the equipment to clear your drain quickly and efficiency. It is for these reasons that we at John Reeves Waste Management have become renowned for our professional, reliable and highly diligent services, so why look elsewhere?


If you believe that your drains have become clogged, then be sure to call in an expert before it gets any worse. You can receive a comprehensive service from us at John Reeves Waste Management which clears blocked drains Stafford quickly, efficiently and easily. For more information call us today on 0800 3587 455.

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