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Smell Something Funny This Summer? Check Your Drains

During summer many people start to notice strange or unpleasant odours in and around their homes. Very often they can’t distinguish the reason behind it and simply learn to live with it but it is often very noticeable to visitors who may not have become accustomed to it; all the while the problem is getting worse. If you are wondering what the unpleasant smell is, then look no further than your kitchen or bathroom sink.

Offensive odours being emitted from the drains and plugholes are often a sign that you have a blocked drain. In the kitchen blocked drains usually occur by food and grease being washed down the drain and accumulating in the pipes. Not only does this reduce the flow of water down the drain, it also means the food will start to breakdown and a build-up of bacteria can form in the pipes. During the summer the heat often increases the rate in which this happens intensifying the unpleasant odours and making them much more noticeable.

What This Means

If this is left and untreated the problem will only get worse. You may have noticed the slow drainage, however the more food, grease and other foreign items that are washed down the sink will only block your pipes up more. This could eventually lead to the point where your drain is completely blocked, leaving you with a bigger job than if you had simply sorted it out earlier on.

What You Should Do

As soon as you realise there is a problem you should call a reliable drain cleaning specialist to not only unblock and clean the drains inside and out of your home, but also to assess any more serious damage or to distinguish the reason for your blocked drain.

You should also ensure that you do not wash any food or grease down the sink; scrape plates in the bin and place a strainer over the plughole to catch any missed pieces. For grease, leave it to cool in a container and once it has solidified scrape it into the bin.

We here at John Reeves provide quality drain cleaning to those with blocked drains in Staffordshire and the surrounding areas. We work quickly and efficiently to sort out the problem so there is minimal disruption to your day. For more information on any of our services call us on 0800 3587 455.

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