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How Can Septic Treatment Benefit Your Septic Tank?

Your septic tank is designed to help with the decomposition of your household waste. The system is very delicate in regards to the bacteria inside of the tank and many household products can often upset this balance, meaning that the efficiency of your tank is no longer as effective. John Reeves Waste Management are specialists in septic tank emptying and the treatment of septic tanks, we can help with maintaining the correct balance of your tank.

The biological activity in your tank needs to be kept at a certain level; products such as bleach, disinfectants and detergents can often disturb the ecosystem in your septic tank. Temperature can also be a big factor when it comes to the breakdown of waste, which is why we provide a septic treatment called Biotreat365. This easy to use treatment comprises 12 sachets per box and is recommended to be used one a month for a single domestic household. This can be increased if the bacteria in the tank has completely depleted and needs a boost. In this situation it should be used once per week for a 12 week period, and then the usual dosage thereafter.

These sachets are extremely easy to use and can simply be dropped into the toilet bowl. There is no risk of staining or any other harmful effects to the pluming or drainage. There are no chemicals and the treatment also improves the natural biological activity, therefore it is extremely environmentally friendly too. This is an extremely cost effective way to keep on top of the biological activity inside your tank. It is also designed to minimise any unpleasant odours from the tank by helping to control the production of methane gas.

In line with this product you still need to regularly empty your septic tank to ensure that solids do not build up and pass through the tank, causing damage and a potential risk to the local environment. John Reeves Waste Management can offer our specialist services in septic tank emptying and maintenance. Our team work in a professional and efficient manner to ensure the job is completed quickly and efficiently. For more information on our septic treatment or tank emptying, call us today on 0800 3587 455 or contact us via our online form.

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