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Biotreat365 will revolutionise your septic tank treatment


If you’re looking for a safer and more effective way to maintain your septic tank, the team at John Reeves recommend Biotreat365.Continue Reading..

Our Work Made It Into A Book!


That's right… if you get your hands on a copy of the Butterton Folk book, you'll find us on page 207.. Continue Reading..

Top Winter Drainage Tips

During the winter your drains are prone to a number of disasters waiting to happen if not looked into or sorted out early on.. Continue Reading..

How Often Should Your Drains Be Cleaned?

Blocked drains are not only messy, but they can also lead to many other problems; the prevalence of germs and bacteria..Continue Reading..

Smell Something Funny This Summer? Check Your Drains

During summer many people start to notice strange or unpleasant odours in and around their homes. Very often they can’t distinguish the reason behind it.. Continue Reading..

How to Ensure Your New Home is Squeaky Clean

When moving into a new house you want everything to be new, fresh and clean. The usual process is doing a thorough vacuum and wipe down.. Continue Reading..

The Importance of Septic Tank Emptying

If your property is not connected to a public sewer, you may be using a septic tank as an alternative way to deal with any sewage. Despite being privately owned.. Continue Reading..

Top Tips On How to Prevent Your Drains Blocking

Kitchen Sink

Blocked drains are a common occurrence in many homes, the reason being many people don't know how they can prevent them. Not only are they a nuisance.. Continue Reading..

Top 5 Myths About Septic Tanks

There are many myths surrounding septic tanks and sewage treatment plants. Being a subject that people don't necessarily want to talk about.. Continue Reading..

Top Tips To keep Your Septic Tank in Good Working Order

Your septic tank not only needs to be emptied on a regular basis but it also needs to be kept in good working order.. Continue Reading..

How Can Septic Treatment Benefit Your Septic Tank?

Your septic tank is designed to help with the decomposition of your household waste. The system is very delicate in regards to the bacteria inside of the tank.. Continue Reading..

Our Septic Tank Emptying Services

Your septic tank is probably not something you want to think about very often; however it is a very important aspect of your home. Neglecting it is probably not the best idea.. Continue Reading..

Environmentally Friendly Waste Disposal with John Reeves

When you think of waste disposal and septic tanks it can have an immediate association with protective gear and lots of chemicals. But there are ways to deal with sewage.. Continue Reading..

FAQs: What Causes Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains are a real nuisance, but what causes them? The vast majority of blockages are created by an accumulation of hair, cooking fat and scraps of food.. Continue Reading..

Top Tips for Spotting a Blocked Drain at your Property

The last thing any homeowner wants at this time of year with Christmas just around the corner is an added expense, however when it comes to a blocked drain.. Continue Reading..

Keeping Drains Clear To Help Prevent Flooding

Flooding is a problem that plagues many businesses, as typically, it’s difficult to keep on top of the causes. With many industrial and commercial premises.. Continue Reading..

Emptying Septic Tanks after Flooding in Cheshire

It's hard to believe that we're coming to the end of the summer and are already talking about the problem of flooding, however that is the unfortunate.. Continue Reading..

Is Water Jetting Effective at Unblocking Drains?

A blocked drain can make small daily tasks an absolute nightmare; we can ignore them and soldier on but a blocked drain certainly isn't going to unblock itself.. Continue Reading..

Cleaning Drains to Help Prevent Flooding

After the recent spate of rain, something that we Brits will no doubt be familiar with! There are homeowners across the country clearing up their properties.. Continue Reading..

Methods of Septic Tank Emptying

Septic tanks can bring you significant long-term savings on your water bills, but without regular emptying you are going to end up having a real problem.. Continue Reading..

Clearing Blocked Drains Stafford

Blocked drains typically occur when garden debris, fat, grease or objects which are not biodegradable are flushed down the drain, resulting in unpleasant smells.. Continue Reading..

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